Xowii Review

XOWii? Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you have not.

The reality is if you’re looking over this you belong in 1 of 2 categories:

1.    You are serious about joining, or
2.    You are already in and want some more info

In either case you are looking for a non-biased third party perspective of the company known as XOWii.  Look no further.

Background and Story:

XOWii ventured into it’s “prelaunch” status in September of 2009 and officially launched early 2010.
The company was the vision of the now acting CEO (former president) James Christiansen, former investment banker turned MLM business builder turned MLM corporate expert.  James C. has expertise in 2 Multilevel marketing companies and built some respectable size businesses in both. But that wasn’t good enough for this young entrepreneur, he quickly realized that he desired to create and run his own MLM and began the quest to do so.  After extensive research and making powerful associations in the Multilevel marketing industry, he rapidly united with powerful factions in the Multi level marketing industry that focus on the logistical and business sides of running a Multi Level Marketing company.

Now James C. lacked 2 elements, financial support and a tangible product.  The 1st factor was cured thanks to Richard Kelly, a exceptionally affluent real estate developer and investor who quickly noticed James C.’s vision and evolved into the financial backing for XOWii.  The product issue was soon remedied as James discovered a powerfully potent super food called the Kona Red Coffee Cherry, via good friend JoeMax Moore, which became XOWii’s key ingredient for the first three product lines they  unveiled.

The acting president of XOWii, Josh Higginbotham, has had success on both the distributor side and the corporate side of the Network Marketing industry.  He’s known for his straight forward and effective coaching style that gets his point across quickly and effectively.  He’s produced extremely large organizations in various companies and has trained groups of tens of thousands of people.  A important mentionable about both James Christianson and Josh Higginbotham is this:

It’s a great thing that they have expertise as distributors in MLM and that they’ve been successful in building large, profitable downlines.  When you join an MLM it’s extremely important that the corporate leadership has this type of experience.  Both Josh and James have been in the trenches and know what it takes to be a successful distributor.  Since they have “walked the walk” they are more likely to fight for new and better ways to strengthen various aspects of XOWii to make the opportunity more effective and/or lucrative for the representatives.

Info On XOWii Products:

The Kona Red Coffee Cherry is remarkably high in antioxidants and touts some really remarkable health applications, including but not limited to use as an anti-aging botanical as well as being used as a homeopathic treatment for diabetes.  XOWii produced their first three products containing this fruit, two nutritional beverages (in reality they’re just “healthy” energy drinks) and a liquid vitamin.   One of the energy drinks has an appetite suppressant (Che De Burge) in it as well.  Additionally, all three of these Kona Red containing products have extremely high ORAC ratings (in layman’s terms ORAC is a certified antioxidant level).  XOWii’s most recent product is another weight loss product called “Thin Shake”.  Its a low calorie/carbohydrate mixable protein shake designed to work as a meal replacement and appetite suppressant.  It is apparent that XOWii is heading in the direction of the highly lucrative weight loss supplement market which, in my opinion, is a great direction to go.

The XOWii Opportunity:

XOWii is still a “ground floor” opportunity which can be good or bad depending on various circumstances.  Obviously, a start-up company is good to join IF and only IF they can endure their 1st few years of business.  One of the common causes why new MLM’s go out of business is due to being under-capitalized (in other words not enough funding to continue doing business).  Well, remember I told you about Richard Kelly earlier?  His presence drastically increases the chances of XOWii surviving in this highly competitive market.  He has invested and continues to invest millions of dollars into ensuring XOWii’s success.  If you are looking to get in XOWii they most likely are not going to run out of money any time soon.

XOWii uses the binary compensation plan and offers a total of 10 ways to make money.  Retail commissions, check matching bonuses, and business builder bonuses are just a few of the ways you can build wealth with XOWii. They also offer one time advancement bonuses and business builder bonuses as well as a company “profit sharing” pool for key leaders in XOWii.  They also pay your car payment once you reach a particular rank in XOWii and send you on a paid “Diamond Cruise” once a year.  A word of advice, review and have an understanding of their compensation plan so you understand all the ways you get paid and what you have to do to qualify for certain payments, rank advancements, and/or bonus structures.

In conclusion, XOWii looks like a solid opportunity and should be lucrative IF you can build a huge team.  Just joining XOWii in no way guarantees success.  At the end of the day your success will be a result of your efforts and capacity to personally recruit and train reps, explode a large downline and properly duplicate your efforts.  To do this properly you MUST know how to effectively market YOURSELF AS A LEADER.  My suggestion for doing this with XOWii, or any MLM for that matter, is that you implement a self-branding attraction marketing system to not only establish yourself as a leader in the industry but to also have an countless amount of prospects to talk to about your opportunity.  Once you can combine an effective offline building strategy with a system to produce quality and qualified leads on complete autopilot, you can quickly climb the ranks in any MLM and you can be on your way to having an explosive and lucrative downline.

Garry Regier wrote this review of Xowii to assist those who are on the fence about the opportunity.  It’s unfortunate however that most XOWii reps will never reach the ranks they want because they do not know how to properly brand themselves or market online.  To learn how to generate infinite leads and transform yourself into the hunter who is now the hunted, check out Garry’s Online MLM Training


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