Why You Should Have An MLM Blog

If you’ve found this post, chances are you already know what an “MLM Blog” is. But for those of you who may be confused, I’ll clarify: an MLM blog is simply your home base of operations ONLINE where you can position YOURSELF as a leader by providing valuable content, training and advice to anyone who needs it. Content can come in many forms including: blog posts, videos, audios, products, photos, as well as links to tools and systems that can help struggling networkers.

Generally speaking, there are 2 main problems 95% of network marketers encounter:

  1. Lack of Leads
  2. Lack of Money

In fact, let me share with you a dirty little secret that your upline won’t tell you: The average network marketer makes less than $30 per month and sponsors only TWO people into their business over the entire course of their MLM career. Pretty scary stuff, right? If most people cannot cover their monthly autoship costs, and sponsor enough people, how can we promote financial freedom with honesty and integrity?

I can speak from personal experience on this one. I experienced tremendous success early on… I was a 22 year old complete knuckle head that literally got lucky by being in the right place at the right time and was able to quit my day JOB. But after about 2.5 years, the success went away. I can’t get into why it went away (a topic for a future post, no doubt LOL) because I don’t want to get too far off track in this post, but it did.

I walked away from MLM for four years until I was re-introduced to the industry by a buddy of mine who made $500,000 in 2 years in some juice deal. He told me of something that he and his partner were starting from scratch and I got involved. It was a start up that had all the makings of a MLM dynasty. Man… Based on my previous success in my first company, I thought it would be a cakewalk and that I was going to be rich overnight. Boy was I wrong! I thought with all my experience recruiting and closing I was going to tear that thing up…

Then reality set in. I went out my first month, sponsored 11 people, and collected my first few checks. All seemed well so far, then it… happened: ATTRITION! 9 of those 11 dropped  out in the 2nd month and it wasn’t long after that the rest quit too. I soon found myself spending myself into oblivion on a $180 monthly autoship I couldn’t afford.

So here it was, 2008… my team was non existent and I was running out of money to cover my autoship. I quickly realized that if I wanted to truly succeed in this industry, I had better do something drastic to win this war on attrition. So I found a bunch of online network marketers who were putting up some ridiculous numbers (to the tune of personally sponsoring 10’s, 100’s, even 1000’s per month!). I didn’t need to see or hear anything else, I wanted in. So my internet network marketing voyage was born.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because chances are you’re at a point, RIGHT NOW, where you’re looking for solutions. And if your like me, you know you can’t ever quit. I knew if I quit, I would have to hear all the haters in my life say “see, I told you so… that crap doesn’t work!” and face ridicule and humiliation at every turn. And to be honest, I’m too stubborn to quit. I sincerely hope you are, too, because I know you can do it! You too can create a success story and have the dream life you and your family deserve IF you allow me to help you! If you’re upline doesn’t have a system for success AFTER you’ve burned through your warm market, then you better pay attention.

With all the many facets of online network marketing the ONE common denominator that EVERY body who has achieved great success online have in common is this:


And if you’re serious about this whole internet network marketing thing, and never want to have to worry about attrition, you should have one too.

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Blogging is more popular today than ever before, and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. The reality is, blogging is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to attract potential prospects to you to ultimately build your Ultimate mlm downline (attraction marketing at it’s finest). By offering real solutions to the problems we identified above, you position yourself as an expert, brand yourself as a leader in the industry, attract swarms of quality and qualified prospects, and create multiple streams of income on total autopilot.

In fact, just by having an MLM blog, you can build a loyal following of people who will follow you anywhere you choose to go, so you never have to worry about your MLM going under, changing it’s comp plan, or anything else. You can literally recruit at the push of a button.

Maximum Success,

Garry Regier

P.S. A blog is a must! We’ve already established that. But where most people get hung up is on all the ‘techie’ stuff and money it takes to build one from scratch. And even if you survive the set up of your mlm blog, it can take months to get your blog recognized by the search engines. That’s why so many quit. If you want a down and dirty blog, that eliminates all the set up frustrations and is already pre-postitioned within the search engines, then don’t be a wussy… Get your blog right here for chump change!

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