Why 85% FAIL Internet & Network Marketing

I thought this whole internet network marketing thing was the cure to everyone’s problems! Just put your self out there and like magic, sit back and watch your business grow. LOL! I wish it were really like that. But the reality is that, just like traditional MLM, 85% of people fail at online network marketing for the exact same reason they fail traditional mlm… THEY QUIT!

Unfortunately, I see people come and go all the time. One day a rep says “I’m here to the end… You know I’ll never quit” then 3 months (or 3 days) later it’s like they’ve joined the witness protection program.

Here’s a bit of advice I got from Jim Rohn that applies here: “don’t go chasing the birds”! Just sit back and say “Isn’t that interesting?” and move on…

Having said that, this article is for those who, in all fairness, have EXACTLY what it takes to win big in this industry, but are on the edge of quitting. Yes, this post is for you “birds”. If you aren’t one yourself, forward this to one you know in the hopes of smacking some sense into them!

If you are one of those ‘birds’ that’s about to fly away, I urge you NOT to fly away before you see your ocean view from your mansion or your 2015 Ferrari. Write down all of your dreams, make them goals, then stick to them like glue. When you think about quitting, focus on what drives you. Visualize spending time with your family on the beaches of the world…. or whatever fires you up!

There is definitely a ‘lottery’ mentality running rampant in this industry. People join an mlm, then when their ticket doesn’t hit, they quit. It’s a viscous cycle… one that must be demolished to clear the air in the MLM industry.

But then there’s the flip side to that equation, too…

Staying the course way past your time. There’s definitely some guidelines to knowing when you should walk away from your business.  First, if your company is unstable and constantly changing things, you can feel good about quitting. Second, if your company does anything unethical, like moving your team right out from under you (yes… I’ve seen this happen… and it sucks!) then part ways immediately. If you’re company revolves around a bunch of the same people who seem to be the only ones making any money, then run. There has to be new money earners popping up all the time or your comp plan is unfairly balanced… so run!

Now for people who suffer none of those issues, I have one message you should take to heart: DON’T EVER QUIT!

But not quitting is not enough, you must also get to work!

And there it is… the flip side to the equation and is really the cause (not the symptom) to the problem. People quit online network marketing because they are not willing to get to work. I hear comments all the damn time like: “This is too hard” or “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t  want to have to talk to people” etc.

It pisses me off! Not because they are saying it, but because I said it too at one point. But I got over it. You will too, if you stay the course and don’t quit!

If you can have several small personal breakthroughs in the MLM business, you can set yourself up for massive freedom, riches and success beyond your wildest dreams. Small sacrifice today can mean your dreams coming true tomorrow!

So I ask you, How Bad Do You Want It??

It really only takes ONE good person on your team and you can make a fortune. It happened to a good buddy of mine named Dominick. He signed one guy up on his team named Refujio. Because Dominick introduced Refujio, Dominick gets no less than $25,000 a month in overrides. Now, imagine if Dominick had quit. What if that were you? How would your life be right now? What kind of freedom would $25K per month automatically afford you and your family. Where would you live? What would you drive? What kind of contribution to your community could you make? Makes you think….

So please, take my advice once you find a good organization…. don’t quit. Please remember that: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. If you know you belong with your MLM company, stick with it, and who knows, you may be the next mlm millionaire, and you’ll be the one all of us are looking to for advice.

Never quit.


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