Javita [Reserve Your Cup] Scam Review

**LATEST NEWS ~ Reserve Your Cup will be Officially called Javita!

There is a huge amount of buzz and excitement going on in the MLM industry right now about a new company that just went into prelaunch called Reserve Your Cup [Javita] (reserveyourcup.com). Chances are if you have found your way to this article you are most likely researching to see if Reserve Your Cup is the right opportunity for you. This article will provide a complete overview of the company, products, leadership and opportunity so that you can make a calculated decision on if the Reserve Your Cup Opportunity is right for you.

Is Javita a scam….OF COURSE NOT! This article will explain why this company will do extremely well. First off, the info on Reserve Your Cup (reserveyourcup.com) is being kept very hush-hush but as more info is leaked out, this article will be updated this article as fast as possible. The Javita opportunity is new as of April 15, 2011.  The product line is an enriched healthy organic coffee aimed to improve and transform the health and wellness of the people all around the world.  This concept is quite genius.  Instead of convincing people to start taking pills or a fancy miracle elixir, Reserve Your Cup (reserveyourcup.com) is capitalizing on the world’s #1 addiction, coffee. Most coffee is unhealthy, and people drink it like it’s going out of style. So people can actually improve their health, well-being, mood, and energy levels (not to mention finances;) by simply changing the brand of coffee they drink to Reserve Your Cup.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, just look at the statistics of coffee:

  • 2nd most consumed beverage in the world (next to water)
  • 2nd most traded commodity (next to oil)
  • 255 million coffee drinkers in North America
  • Half a billion servings consumed daily
  • Many drink 3-5 cups per day
  • Coffee ISN’t healthy, but remains the #1 addiction
  • Coffee is a 77 billion dollar a year industry

Now let’s explore the million dollar question: can Reserve Your Cup really make you money?


Like previously stated, Javita is a new company that markets and promotes a healthy organic gourmet coffee that is packaged in single serve packets.  Reserve Your Cup is currently headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. The corporate team is solid and has a combined experience of well over 100 years collectively. It is EXTREMELY important that the corporate staff be well experienced in the MLM industry. This greatly increases the chances of success of a startup MLM company. The team Reserve Your Cup has put together has poised the company for immediate, as well as, LONG-TERM explosive success.  The CEO of the Javita opportunity is  a gentleman by the name of Stan Cherelstein. Mr. Chelestein brings with him massive experience, credibility and passion. He is a large part of the reason so many leaders are flocking to this opportunity. For more information about Mr. Charlestein CLICK HERE.

At the time of this writing, Reserve Your Cup is about to pounce on over 20 countries around the globe including (and not limited to) United States, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and Thailand just to name a few. The official launch date has been set for June 1st 2011…

What makes Reserve Your Cup / Javita such a viable opportunity is the Proprietary Blend of healthy botanicals and herbs that are designed to boost natural energy, fight disease, assist weight loss and increase immune function just to name a few.

Reserve Your Cup will launch with a healthy gourmet coffee line first, with tea and cocoa lines coming out in the near future. All of the Reserve Your Cup products will contain variations of the Reserve Your Cup infused Proprietary Blend.


ReserveYourCup has formulated the MOST aggressive compensation plan I have ever seen in my 9+ years in the industry.  The pay plan is quite ingenious. It is a hybrid that is binary in appearance but actually functions as a unilevel comp plan.  The reality is that the binary comp plan is the BEST for momentum, but not that great for residual income. That’s where the unilevel comes in.  unilevel comp plans have created some of the biggest checks the industry has ever seen. The Reserve Your Cup leaders understand this and want to give their reps the best possibility for success imaginable. So they took the best of both worlds, momentum and residual, and combined the two.

Now on to how you get paid.  Up front income is earned through bonuses. Distributors earn 20% fast start bonuses on all new distributor kits and also earn a 2nd level override bonus on each new kit your frontline distributors sell.  Long term residual income is earned through the unilevel commission structure which allows you to earn 4% through FOURTEEN LEVELS! That’s right, 14 levels! That is unheard of in the industry. I expect some of the biggest pay checks ever seen in MLM to come out of this company just on this part of the comp plan alone.  But wait, there’s more.  There is also a 500,000 dollar matching bonus, a global quarterly bonus, growth bonuses and a business development fund in which Javita actually pays you and your team for business expenses (hotel meetings, samples, tools etc) which can be quite costly.


Join Reserve Your Cup / Javita?

When considering an opportunity, new or old, you have to determine if there is a demand for the product. Coffee is a no brainer. Just look around. Coffee is everywhere. It is BIG business and capitalizing on making people healthy through their favorite morning beverage is a win-win situation.

The leadership team of Javita is unequivocally great, bringing with them depth, experience, and a long track record of success.

If you are on the fence about Javita / Reserve Your Cup look at the facts.  Coffee is an easy conversation to have. Most people drink it, everyone knows the power of it, and everywhere you go there’s a market for it.  As of the date of this writing, it is free to join and those that join early will be positioned for explosive growth.  However, just signing up does not guarantee success. The company just provides a platform and a vehicle for success. They provide some good tools and marketable products, but in the end your success will rely on your ability to build a huge downline.  You need to be part of a good team of leaders and make sure you follow the system. If you do, you have a better than average chance at success.

To greatly increase your chances of success with Reserve Your Cup, you will greatly decrease the time it takes to have success by utilizing a marketing system that can help you generate hundreds of leads a day. Without a steady stream of people to talk to, your business will never grow.

Garry Regier wrote this article to assist those who are looking into [Javita] Reserve Your Cup as a business opportunity.  As with any Network Marketing company it’s very unfortunate that most reps will never reach the level of success they want because they don’t learn how to effectively market and promote their company. If you are interested in learning how to generate an unlimited amount of leads for your Reserve Your Cup business, visit Garry’s attraction marketing system.


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