Pure Leverage Review – Should You Join Pure Leverage?


Pure Leverage Review: Hope Or Hype??

GVO’s Pure Leverage program, launching March 2013, has been getting a ton of buzz lately. If you’ve found this Pure Leverage Review chances are you are doing your own research to see if Pure Leverage is the right system for you. In this review I will reveal what Pure Leverage is, what you get if you join, and how to truly maximize the system.

Watch this “Insider’s Peak into the Pure Leverage Back Office”…

Pure Leverage Review: What is all the hype about??

pure-leverage-review-joel-therienLet me start off this pure leverage review by saying this… almost every day I am hit up about the “Next Big Thing” online program. 99% of the time, I just ignore these programs. But when I first saw Pure Leverage something grabbed me from the get go. No it wasn’t the flashy / hypey video with the dude driving the Ferarri, LOL. It was the fact that GVO was involved.

For those of you who don’t know about GVO, let me tell you this. It’s quickly become one of the most respected online marketing tool suites in existence. And it came completely out of nowhere. Reality is, they offer so much value to the consumer… I don’t know how they make any money at all with what they offer. And the dude driving the Ferarri… well that’s Joel Therien, GVO founder and owner. Once I discovered all this, Pure Leverage gained instant credibility with me.

Pure Leverage Review: What is it?

The Pure Leverage program is a cutting edge tool suite that offers a potential lucrative side income as well. They essentially teach all the necessary skill sets to be a successful internet and/or network marketer from the comfort of your own home.

The compensation plan is very aggressive and incorporates the 100% commissions that everyone loves to earn online. On top of that, Pure Leverage has a 50% check matching bonus. I’ll get more in depth on the commission structure later.

The system has very useful and marketable resources as well.

Pure Leverage Review: The Products

The products you will have full access to when you join include: Live Teleconferencing, Video emailing, Lead capture pages, coaching, and traffic generation. All valuable and attractive just by their very nature.

The Pure Leverage Elite Coaching Program offers you the ability to have someone spoon-feed you the business and help you get it up and running and keep it running. There is even a personal guarantee that you will profit within your first 30 days IF you follow the proven system. It’s nice to see a company put their money where their mouth is for a change and actually guarantee results for a change.


The Lead Capture system provided in Pure Leverage is 2nd to none. Dubbed Easy Lead Flow, this system acts to help maximize your lead flow and convert people into paid affiliates so you don’t have to do anything but market the system.

This allows for ‘average’ people to join pure leverage, plug into the system, and make money. Simple. Easy. Effective. They test, tweak, track and maximize everything so you don’t have to. No techie or geeky skills needed here.

The system also has pre-written, highly effective autoresponders built in as well. This is important for building relationships with your leads, establishing rapport, positioning yourself as a leader, and following up on complete autopilot. The system literally does the work for you.

Oh… I almost forgot. Did I mention you also get a professionally designed blog with the program? Yes you do. Here’s the thing about blogging: IT WORKS! More wealth has been created online via blogging in the recent years than any one other place on the internet. It’s a hugely effective and lucrative endeavor and you get that with Pure Leverage also. They build it, get it ranked by the search engines, monetize it, and make it so stupidly simple to utilize, even a half-witted monkey could succeed (no offense to any monkeys out there).

Now, the Traffic Generation with Pure Leverage will be key. Traffic has been a bit of a challenge for people to understand from my experience of teaching people how to market effectively online. Well, with Pure Leverage… They got you covered. They teach the best methods for traffic possible.

Now I can go on and on about the products… but my recommendation is for you to check them out for yourself. Like I said earlier, they’re giving away so much that I don’t even know how they could be turning a profit.

Pure Leverage Review: Is it right for you?

I’ll tell you from my 4+ years of being an online marketer and 10+ years being a network marketer: If you’re serious about building a solid passive income stream from the comfort of your own home… then you’ll need a system. Period.

Whether you’re new to Internet marketing, or you’re a seasoned vet, Pure Leverage has everything you need. You can get set up, and begin marketing within minutes. If you are a seasoned vet, well this is perfect for you. I know from experience what’s a flash in the pan, or a home run. Pure Leverage is not just a home run, but a grand slam. Just drive traffic and watch your checks grow.

What is Good About Pure Leverage?

Simply put… everything. More specifically the support and compensation.

Pure Leverage Review: Unrivaled support

I cannot say enough how impressive the support with Pure Leverage is. Not only do you get super simple, easy to follow setup instructions, but you can contact support and actually get a prompt reply. In contrast, I’ve sent support requests to other companies and it’s taken months for a reply. Sometimes it’s the little ‘intangibles’ like these that can make or break a company. Pure Leverage has set the bar really high and their support is top notch to say the least.

Pure Leverage Review: Compensation and Enrollment

pure-leverage-review-compensation-planThe Pure Leverage compensation plan is very lucrative and simple to understand. You receive 100% commissions on every product sold for the 1st month and a 50% commission for all recurring sales. On top of that you receive a 50% check matching bonus on ALL the sales in your downline to INFINITE levels… ca-ching!

For example…

Let’s say you sign up Joe. Joe goes out and builds a team. You not only earn from the products Joe buys, but you earn from everyone in his team as well. Powerful.

How to get started:


There is no setup fee required for Pure Leverage…. You can literally get started for a measly $24.95 PLUS a $19.95 reseller license. You get the Blog, Video Email, Autoresponder, Traffic Methods… Everything. And the best thing is this: you don’t have to be a Guru to make money. Simply follow the proven system.

For those that choose to join through my link… I will throw in some sweet bonuses:

  1. 2 personal coaching sessions – to get you up to speed on a specific plan of attack to get you results FAST!$197 value…
  2. The exact tools, techniques and strategies I use to get my content to rank fast for nearly any keyword I choose. $297 value…
  3. A killer traffic strategy that targets up to 47 million potential prospects with zero marketing experience necessary! $397 value…
  4. Access to me via skype, telephone, webinars etc. as your guide to success where I’ll pour my 4+ years of online marketing experience into you so you can focus on what works… and most importantly avoid what doesn’t work so you don’t waste time, energy or your hard earned money on crap! – ???… Priceless…
  5. Access to our members-only Team FaceBook Group where we come together as a community to share exactly what we’re doing as marketers and what is getting us the most results… $???… Priceless…
  6. MY SECRET TOOL WITH ADDED MARKETING RESOURCES that alleviates where most ‘newbies’ struggle… TRAFFIC! This tool has a low cost yet provides literally UNLIMITED resources that allow you to advertise and drive MASSIVE traffic regardless of your skill level… $???… Priceless…

That’s at least an extra $500 value just for joining my team… and I’m not just doing it to get you in. I want to give you Every Tool At My Disposal To Set You Up For Massive Success!

Quite frankly, if you don’t take my offer, you’re nuts! I started this journey of internet marketing completely alone, with no help, no mentoring, no guidance… NOTHING! It took me over 3 years to get where I’m at right now. Now I’m full time online and have replaced my income.

WARNING: I AM NOT GOING TO HOLD YOUR HAND! This is a journey and every journey begins with a single step. I can only help you step in the right direction. You will be required to work hard and learn to break through your challenges. Don’t call me or email with with ‘customer service’ type questions.



Maximum Success,


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P.P.S. If you don’t already have a primary MLM, let me know when we speak. I am looking to lock arms with 3-5 self-motivated self-starters and help them generate a 5-figure monthly passive income in 12 months with what will be a massive legacy company…

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