Momentis UK – Prelaunch Power Grab In Full Effect?

Unless you’ve been hiding on the moon, you probably already realize that a company named Momentis has literally sent a shock wave of excitement and momentum into the UK. On Sunday, April 22, 2012, the top contender in the energy deregulation biz opp niche opened it’s ‘official’ prelaunch platform which now allows UK residents to lock their position within the compensation structure and begin building teams absolutely free.

Momentis UK – Who Are They?

Momentis, who began doing business in Summer of 2010, has continually been breaking records in the US and Canada and has positioned themselves to dominate the energy deregulation opportunity market on a Global scale. A large part of their expected success is due to the uniqueness of the Momentis opportunity, which literally skyrockets them past the competition. You see, Momentis is not just another energy deregulation MLM. What sets them apart from the competition is due to several key factors.

Momentis UK Success Factor 1: Just Energy

Momenits is the marketing agency for the DIRECT energy provider named Just Energy. Just Energy, who began doing business in 1997, currently has the largest North American footprint and does nearly $3 Billion in annual revenue. They are publicly traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges and have nearly 4 million customers to date. To help with the Momentis UK expansion, Just Energy has invested $300 Million in Momentis for the UK launch to set up the proper offices, call centers, as well as handle any political/legal/regulatory issues. This should give potential Momentis UK reps peace of mind and ensure that they are not playing games! The success of Momentis in the UK will determine their success in the other European countries, so you can be more than confident that everything will be done in a professional and effective manner.

Since Just Energy is NOT concerned with profiting from Momentis, they pay their reps HEAVILY on the front end in the form of immediate income. This is a clear distinction from most of the competition, who has to profit from the reps to stay in business. Most network marketing companies siphon off around 50% of the distributor fees to help them stay in business. Momentis, on the other hand, pays out nearly 100% of the distributor fees back to the reps. They are able to do so because Just Energy is only concerned with one thing: getting customers! Therefore they do not concern themselves with profiting from the distributor fees associated with joining Momentis. To them, Momentis is simply a part of their marketing budget, which is a wise investment indeed.

So it’s a powerfully simple philosophy: “Take care of the reps, and the reps will take care of the business…”

Momentis UK Success Factor 2: Timing

There are several reasons why timing is playing such a critical role in the UK prelaunch. First, the UK people are savvy. The market has been deregulated for quite a while but many companies continue to let the population down. As a result, a number of consumer advocacy groups operate to keep users informed and up to date with each competitor’s rates, customer service, and other factors that the UK population are quite keen to. Therefore, right now more than ever before, UK residents are open and always on the look out for the best energy option for them. This sets up a perfect scenario for Momentis to come in and gather customers at an alarming rate… and I can assure you their rates will compete at the highest level.  So the timing is perfect for Momentis to enter the market.

Keep in mind also that the UK is just the first country in line for Global expansion, so the timing couldn’t be better for potential UK reps. It’s projected that Just Energy (along with Momentis) will spring board into country after country, duplicating the prelaunch process which has already been proven to be very exciting and effective. So UK reps stand to benefit not just from the potential 62 million people local in the UK, but the hundreds of millions across the globe that will naturally be attracted to this opportunity.

One last bit on timing…

Right now, reps can get a head start and begin building huge teams completely free to preposition themselves to profit when the UK officially launches. This prelaunch period will only happen once… and it’s happening now. With or without you. Realize that there will be thousands of people who join Momentis years from now who would give ANYTHING for the ability to build during this prelaunch. So if you’re serious about creating freedom in your life, then don’t let this chance slip through your finger tips.

Momentis UK Success Factor 3: Leadership

The corporate leadership of Just Energy is experienced and professional. Executive Chair Rebecca MacDonald and CEO Ken Hartwick are the captains of the ship, so to speak. Both lend a ton of credibility and value to the UK opportunity. The UK corporate team for Just Energy has yet to be announced but I can assure you, they will be a tremendous addition to the Just Energy team.

Momentis’ President and CEO is a  Andy McWilliams, an MLM veteran and success story who brings integrity and experience to the table. It’s vitally important to have a seasoned network marketers within the corporate side of operations because you can bet that they will continually be concerned with fair and ethical treatment of their representatives, which Mr. McWilliams clearly is. So you can sleep easy at night knowing with faith and confidence that Mr. McWilliams will be fighting behind the scenes to provide the best possible opportunity and environment for all the reps.

In Conclusion…

It’s easy to see why so many are so excited about this Momentis UK opportunity… as not all opportunities are created equal. The timing is right, the industry is right, the leadership is right, the compensation plan is right… it’s a perfect storm so to speak and all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. An opportunity like this only presents itself once every 10-20 years. History repeats itself and success leaves clues. Use Excel Communications as the example. Excel created 8000 millionaires and they did it in, what at the time, was an $80 Billion Dollar industry. Momentis will do the exact same thing but they are participating in a much larger industry (energy is a $500 Billion Dollar industry) and in a much larger Global customer pool. Oh and BTW… did I mention that some of the people that were directly responsible for Excel’s success have a role in Momentis?

Fortunes will be made.

Lives will be transformed.

History will be written.

This is your chance, so go out there and get it! Fortune favors the bold so take action now…

Maximum Success,

Garry Regier

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