Momentis Review – Can You Profit From Another ‘Energy Deregulation’ MLM?

If you’ve landed on this Momentis Review, chances are you’re looking to join the company and want to know if it’s a legit mlm business. If that’s the case, my recommendation to you is that you read this entire post. In this short but detailed review I will cover the company, the services and the opportunity so you can make an educated decision on if Momentis is the right business for you.

Momentis Review – The Company

First lets discuss who Momentis is. Momentis was founded in the summer of 2010 and has corporate offices in Dallas, Texas as well as Toronto, Ontario. Momentis is the marketing arm of a $3 billion energy giant named Just Energy. Just Energy is a publicly traded company on both the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. The corporate leadership of Just Energy is solid, spear headed by Executive Chair Rebecca MacDonald and CEO Ken Hartwick.

Momentis’ President and CEO is a gentleman named Andy McWilliams, who is an MLM veteran who brings a ton of credibility and value to the table. It’s important to have an experienced network marketer on the corporate side of operations because you can guarantee that they will certainly be concerned with fair and ethical treatment of the reps, which Mr. McWilliams undeniably is. So even though Momentis is subject to Just Energy’s decisions and income, you can bet that Mr. McWilliams will always be fighting to provide the best possible opportunity for all the reps.

Momentis Review – The Services

Is Momentis just another ‘Energy Deregulation’ MLM, or is there anything that sets them apart? The answer is, unequivocally, with out a doubt no… they are not like all the rest! Most if not all the other MLM’s in this energy deregulation category are ‘middle men’. In other words, they buy energy from a 3rd party provider and sell it to their customers. Momentis, on the other hand, is the marketing arm for Just Energy, a DIRECT energy provider. So Momentis reps actually own their customers and are not giving them up to some intermediary provider. This is a huge benefit for those looking to build a long term residual income as they don’t have to worry about a 3rd party cutting them out of the equation down the road.

Momentis also has the largest north american footprint and is about to expand internationally. Momentis offers a number of essential home services. These are things that people spend money on, month after month, year after year, no matter how crappy the economy is. Aside from energy services (gas and electric), they market things like, high speed internet, phone services, satellite TV and security services, just to name a few. And with more essential home services being added to the portfolio all the time, Momentis reps stand to grow their customer base substantially at every turn.

Momentis Review – The Opportunity

Momentis utilizes the Unilevel structured compensation plan, which is actually a good thing in my opinion. I’ve personally built every style of comp plan in the past and to this day, the unilevel has proven to be the MOST lucrative. Now, there are definitely strengths and weaknesses to every comp plan, and to profit you must understand how to max them out. What’s great about the unilevel, especially the Momentis unilevel, is you get paid on EVERYBODY in your organization. No trying to balance weak legs (a tiresome feat with the binary) or fill out a matrix, the unilevel offers a level playing field to ANYONE who is willing to work hard and build a team.

So how do you get paid? Simple… get a handful of customers and teach others to do the same. Then rinse and repeat. The Momentis compensation plan offers 5 ways to get paid. First, there’s immediate income in the form of an instant ‘belief check’ once a new rep acquires 3 customer points. Next, there’s leadership bonuses that reward you for helping others to acquire their first few customer points. Then there’s the residual income, where you are paid on all the customers you and your team acquire. The Momentis comp plan certainly looks fair and could prove to be quite lucrative, IF you build a large team and acquire a bunch of customers.

Join Momentis??

Now the million dollar question… should you join Momentis? From my research and investigation Momentis looks like a solid company, with solid leadership, highly marketable services and a lucrative comp plan. There is definitely NO Momentis Scam! Should you decide to join momentis, you certainly will have a better than average chance to profit big. However, simply signing up does not guarantee success. To have Momentis success, you will need a working knowledge of online lead generation to have an endless stream of people to expose to your business. For this reason, I recommend an Attraction Marketing System, so you can truly harness the power of the internet to grow a Massive Momentis Team.

Need Leads For Your Momentis Business??

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To OUR Massive Success,

Garry Regier

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