MLM Success Philosophy: Getting Started In MLM The Right Way

One of the MOST critical components to your MLM business is getting started the right way and could literally make or break your MLM success. You want to lead by example, from DAY ONE, by creating a success story. I like to call it your “30 success story”. In other words, you want to have a powerful story to share with others about your first month in the business. When you create your 30 day success story, you set the pace for your team and prove to your future team members that they can do it too. Therefore, I have created this post to give you some strategies and insights on how to create a powerful MLM success story by getting started the right way. And don’t worry… if you’ve been in for a while already, no problem! Your 30 day success story starts RIGHT NOW!

Increase Your MLM Success Rate By Being Duplicable

It’s common to get started in MLM and hear the old school training and advice that has been preached for years: Develop your “Why”, build your list of 100, and start exposing/inviting. Just recently I started all over in a new mlm opportunity and had to start all over from scratch. So I did just that: developed my “Why”, build a list and got to work.

Now, I can already hear some of you saying “but Garry, I thought you were some sort of internet marketing – lead generation master”. I have an email list of leads in the thousands that I could have easily tried to recruit, and Believe me, at some point I will. But if I truly want to create a culture of success, I have to be willing to do the things that I tell others to do. I know how challenging online marketing can be and the truth of the matter is that it took a long time to get proficient at it. And to make matters worse, it’s not DUPLICABLE!

That’s where the ‘old school’ mlm business building training becomes invaluable. Building strictly online is not easy, nor is it fast. Additionally, I know the majority of people that get started in mlm won’t have the time, patience, cashflow or energy to put into it. So leading by example, I started by doing what duplicates the fastest. I went out and built the old fashioned way outlined above. Guess what… I faced all the challenges a new rep does: rejection, ridicule, being hung up on, getting laughed at, etc. But none of that nonsense matters because I was able to get promoted within my first 4 days in my new biz… and I did it the way everyone else can too, without any fancy marketing funnels, with out a bunch of leaders that brings teams over, without a list of qualified leads etc.

“But My Warm Market is All Tapped Out!”

What, you don’t think mine is too? The reality is that no one’s warm market is ever really tapped out. If you feel that way it’s probably because you approached them the wrong way in the first place and feel hesitant to call them again. You probably are shaking your fist in the air saying things like “I’ll show you… I’ll do it with out your support!” Well here’s a wake up check: you can’t do it alone! So instead of having a spiteful and vindictive attitude towards them, cultivate the belief in yourself and your opportunity so strong people will be scared NOT to join you!

Your only objective right now is to see if ANYONE in your warm market is OPEN. You’ll find that once you focus not so much on getting the sign up, and more on just seeing who’s open to looking, your mindset will begin to shift and your fear will melt away. Once you identify a few people who are at least open to looking, half the battle is done. Now it’s just a matter of getting them in front of your MLM business opportunity to see if it makes sense for them.

OK OK, yes you’ll be able to sponsor more of your warm market once you’ve created your 30 day mlm success story, but like I said, you cannot do it alone. So just find out who in your warm market is open initially, then get them in front of the info. This will help you get started the right way. Then go back to your list later after you’ve documented some results and re-introduce those who weren’t initially open. And guess what… you’ll probably get a few of them too! 🙂

Building Your MLM Online Takes Time!

More time than you have, at least in the beginning. I now have scores of people looking at my biz online daily. But keep in mind, it took me nearly 2 years to get to this point. It did not happen fast, but it was completely worth it. Only now am I reaping the benefits of hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and tens of thousands of dollars invested. But if you get started and think that you’re going to have massive success by going the online route only, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Trust me, no one is interested in hearing your “2 year success story”.

Internet Network Marketing Is Awesome But…

I love internet network marketing and it’s awesome but it’s not simple or fast for those looking for fast MLM Success. And most don’t have the wherewithal to stay with it long enough to reap the rewards. Start your MLM Business right by approaching your warm market, and you’ll drastically improve your chances of creating your bad ass “30 Day MLM success story” and set the stage for your entire team!

Maximum Success,

Garry Regier

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