MLM Downline Duplication: How to Maximize Your Profits While Minimizing Your Efforts

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Success in network marketing will ultimately depend on one thing: creating downline duplication with as little attrition as possible.

How do you do this you ask?


Leverage will allow you to duplicate yourself by way of employing other people’s efforts. This will exponentially increase your income beyond your wildest expectations. Leverage is the name of the game in MLM and is the only way to develop a multiple 6-or-7-figure passive income in this industry.

Leverage will maximize your time, effort and profits. All you need to do to achieve it is find people who will follow the system and will commit to taking action on a consistent basis.

In the MLM industry, leverage will erase any limitations you have as a single person, and utilize the talents, time and energy of others to increase the overall performance of your business. Together, a team all focused on one result, can achieve multitudes of results that will trump anything you yourself can do.

To propel your success, here are the 3 most effective mlm downline duplication strategies you can apply starting now:

Strategy 1: The Fisherman Technique

Fishermen catch fish. In MLM, fish are everywhere. All you have to do is send out your bait, wait for a nibble, and reel them in.

You can find prospects around you at all times. Make an effort to connect with the people around you each day. If you don’t reach out to people daily, you will find yourself struggling to build a successful downline.

Many times, we make an effort to avoid the people closest to us and instead we try to go after total strangers. The best thing you can do is start with your warm market and once you’ve tapped out that resource, then you can talk to strangers.

Isn’t it more convenient to fish in your own backyard than to go cross-country to fish? You’ll soon realize how many great catches there are around you if you are just willing to release some bait.

Good fishermen know what kind of bait to use to catch certain fish. This is also true with MLM. You must have the proper attitude, skills, and tools to motivate and attract your prospects toward your business. Apply this cardinal rule when building a successful mlm downline: Use your business to build great people and d0n’t use people to build a great business.

Always be fishing. If you do, you’re not only casting a wider net, but you’re also creating the possibility of discovering new blood along the way. Look for desire, not need!

Strategy 2: Start a People Franchise

Franchising does not only apply to traditional business. It also applies to MLM. If you don’t already know, that’s what MLM is all about. We are in the people franchising business!

We have a distinct competitive edge over other franchises. We can open one anywhere and at anytime from the comfort of home. In the MLM world, you are the boss, you get to enjoy time freedom, and it definitely doesn’t have the overhead and operating expenses of a traditional franchise.

You can start building your mlm downline by hosting home-meetings, calling your prospects on the phone, and using the internet to advertise and market your business. You literally have an endless audience if you just learn a couple simple online strategies. Simple put people in your sales funnel and follow up as much as possible to ensure they join you in your endeavor.

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Strategy 3: The 5-Step Empowerment Principle

Just like when you were starting out, your new team members will need guidance and support. Just like you, they have to become leaders of their mlm downline. To be able to influence others, they have to lead by example and become role models.

Train and organize your mlm downline by utilizing John C. Maxwell’s 5-step empowerment principle:

  •  I DO IT, I Model
  • YOU DO IT AND I WATCH, I Monitor
  • YOU DO IT, You Move Forward

By applying this, you are not only developing the potential skills of other people, you are also building a strong and effective mlm downline that will naturally combat attrition. You can encourage them by believing in their skills, challenging them to grow, sharing ideas and thoughts with them, and trusting them to do the same to others.

To OUR Massive Success

Garry Regier

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