Lead With Your Product Or Opportunity: The Age-Old MLM Dilemma

Since the beginning, the dilemma of whether to lead with the product or opportunity has been debated. And while I’ve fluctuated back and forth from leading with the product to leading with the opportunity over the years, I recently completely changed my opinion. The short answer is this: IT DEPENDS!

It depends on who I’m talking to, really. Sometimes I’ll just talk about the industry. For example, if I’m marketing health and wellness products, I may talk about how this industry is being fueled by the baby boomers who control 1/3 of America’s wealth. Once the person I’m speaking with shows an interest, they are effectively piqued and I can steer them to some more information.

The real issue right now, more than ever before, is no longer who can sell the best, or convince others what they think will work. What is effective RIGHT NOW in this evolving socioeconomic global landscape is constantly in flux, in part because of new technologies and access to information, but also thanks to the various J.O.B. circumstances of those who still are in that traditional 9-5 world.

Let me clarify…

Back in the day, when someone was entering the JOB market, you had only one choice: take the job or don’t. You had little if any control other than that. Your hours, location, breaks, dress code, vacation time, and salary were locked in. And if you were lucky, maybe every few years you’d get a 3% raise.

Today however…

It’s now quite common for upper level and middle management to work from remote locations, aka from home. They can literally sit in front of a computer with a head set on and handle their daily work obligations. So some of the magic we use in MLM to appeal to the ‘work force’ is now possible in the traditional job market. In fact, some high end executives make their money by playing golf with their prospective clients. Now that’s a sweet gig! But how are we supposed to compete with that, if at all?

My answer… “Sure We Can!!”

It will just take a little time and consideration to properly identify our prospects wants, needs and desires so that we can fully understand how to position our MLM business with posture and confidence. One of the easiest ways to recruit the ‘ultra entrepreneurs’ of the world is with a highly marketable product or service. For example, I received a call from a gentleman in the United Kingdom today regarding my MLM business opportunity. This guy was so jacked about the particular industry my MLM capitalizes on and how profitable it is. This gentleman only needed to see some numbers, then he joined! So he obviously just needed to understand the concept, see some numbers and that was enough.

Then there’s other people that need more than just a concept. For example, if your prospect is a total health nut and are into fitness, and you’re in a health and wellness MLM, you’ll definitely want to lead with your products. Give them enough product samples to last them a few weeks and tell them to document how they feel each day. Do they feel more energy? Recover from exercise faster? Higher endurance level? etc… If you’re MLM product is as good as you claim, and your prospect experiences awesome results, they’ll be much more likely to want to share the product and opportunity with others.

Here are some proven strategies to aid you in exposing your mlm business to any prospect:

1). Facts Tell – Stories Sell – don’t get bogged down with facts and figures. The more you talk about these things with your prospects, the more you’ll repel them. Instead, compile a notebook of success/motivational stories about your MLM. People hate being “informed” to death but love a good story.

2). Don’t be a robot – Give energy and emotion to every story you tell. The more passionate and enthusiastic about your MLM, the more people will be attracted to you.

3). Speak to your prospects wants and needs, not your own (unless they are exactly the same). For example, if you know your prospect loves traveling, talk about how your company gives free trips all around the world to those who qualify.

4). Stress the importance of multiple income streams, especially in this down economy. There is no such thing as job security anymore, so focus on how your MLM can offer a plan B that can potentially be more lucrative than your prospect’s plan A.

5).  A satisfied customer can sometimes turn into a rep later down the road. Make sure you include them as if they were already on the team and after a while, they may realize that they should just join!

6). Find out if your prospect’s economic situation is good, and even if its okay, drive home the fact that they have very little freedom. Everyone to some degree desires more freedom.

So remember, don’t just approach everyone the same way. Stay flexible, keep building your communication skills and most of all, stay committed! As Paul Zane Pilzer says, the MLM industry will create more millionaires than any other industry. You can certainly be one of them!

Maximum Success,


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