How To Recruit For MLM And Profit

While there are several methods to make money in MLM, virtually NONE are as profitable as MLM recruiting. Recruiting for you MLM business should be a TOP priority. So many times, people get started in the business and refuse to tell anyone about the business. The ludicrous thing about that is they still think they can get rich.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: DON’T KEEP YOUR BUSINESS A SECRET! If you opened a sandwich shop, you’d surely tell everyone you know (and probably some people you didn’t) to come eat there, right? So why is it that some refuse to expose their new MLM business to anyone? It’s insane…

Here’s your formula for the proportion of people you expose vs. how much money you make… but let me warn you first, IT’S VERY COMPLICATED:

  1. Tell lots of people = make lots of $$
  2. Tell some people = make some $$
  3. Tell no people = make no $$

I know, tough concept right? But seriously, the people who make the hugest amount of money in this industry are those who keep it super simple (KISS). So don’t stray too far from this format 🙂

So how do you go about MLM recruiting and where’s the secret sauce to MLM success? Pay attention…

The initial magic to MLM recruiting is belief. Without belief, no one will join you (except those who pity you and they’ll never do a damn thing with the business). So belief is critical in these areas:

  • Belief in yourself
  • Belief in your company
  • Belief in your product
  • Belief in your industry
  • Belief in your comp plan

Notice the ONE common denominator in the list above is YOU. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. This is why personal growth in MLM is emphasized so strongly. As you grow yourself, success becomes attracted to you by the person you become. So spend as much time on yourself as possible and you’ll see your belief skyrocket.

The next key factor to MLM recruiting is communication. Your communication skills are directly related to how people perceive you. Do you want the dirty little secret to effective communication? It’s really simple…. Listen more and talk less! Seriously, people don’t want to hear about your comp plan, product or service. They want to talk about themselves. So let them. If you get really good at asking the right kind of questions (aka probing questions), your prospect will tell you everything they need to hear to join your biz.

Building relationships is also critical to your MLM recruiting. The key to building relationships is to RELATE. Relate to your prospect by drawing stark comparisons between their situations and yours. Everyone you talk to will have things they love to do outside of work. These are probably things they wish they had more time to enjoy. Take the time to understand their situations better and their trust in you will begin to grow. Then your chances of recruiting them will greatly increase.

Persistence is another key element to MLM recruiting. Many people get into the business thinking everyone will sign up right away. Remember that recruiting is a process, not an event. Most people need to see the information 5-7 times before they make a decision. So following up at least that many times is mandatory. Also, everyone processes information differently. Some people are visual processors, some are auditory processors, some need facts and figures, and some are conceptual processors and need to have the ‘vision’ painted for them. So be persistent in giving your prospects every type of information possible until the message gets through to them.

MLM recruiting is all about persistence and consistence. If the individual sees your dedication and you take the time to build a connection, you’ll create a large team sooner or later. Once you can show your prospects that they are important to you, they’ll be a lot more likely to listen to you, relate to your point of view, and you will be on your way to a becoming a master MLM recruiter.

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