Global One Ultimate Power Profits Review – Don’t Be An Idiot!!

I get asked a question all the time… a question that only recently I couldn’t give a good answer to. The question usually goes something like this:

“How do I make easy money online, fast?”


Like I said… that WAS my answer until ONLY RECENTLY. If you are looking for a way to make money online, passively in your spare time, and you don’t have to be some ‘guru’ or have a huge marketing budget, then I have a solution… FINALLY!

Whether you’re completely new to making money online, or internet marketer looking for the next big thing, it’s important to understand that the “T” in “Timing” is MORE IMPORTANT than the “T” in “Talent”. Those who find THE RIGHT PROGRAM at the RIGHT TIME, who take action and promote aggressively, are usually the ones who cash in big.

If you’re looking for that “next big thing” then I want you to stop for a moment and take a solid look at a new program called Global One (aka Ultimate Power Profits).

In this brief but detailed Global One Review, I will cover all the nitty-gritty details about the company, the highly profitable compensation plan, and what to do to capitalize on it so that you can make an informed decision on if Global One is the right fit for you.

Global One – Ultimate Power Profits Review

You may or may not be aware that a new phenomenon has been occurring online over the last 2 years or so that has completely transformed how people from all walks of life make money online. People with literally ZERO online experience, and who’ve made ZERO money online, have learned to leverage particular penny auction sites to cash in BIG.

No this does not mean you have to go start selling things in an online auction. What some of these sites have done is created a truly awesome opportunity, that is streamlined and simplified, that allows you to share in these penny auction site’s profits. All you do is sign up as an affiliate, then you can participate in the profit sharing pools by simply placing FREE pre-written ads and giving away free bids to potential customers to use on the penny auction site.

We like to call it the “copy, paste, profit…” model.

But here’s the best part… ANYONE can profit with this model, WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING, & WITHOUT RECRUITING A SINGLE PERSON INTO THE BUSINESS! Active affiliates can earn as much as 50% or more every month on their bid purchases buy allowing the accumulated bid volume (which is nearly the same as cash) to compound. During this time frame, you can double, triple, or more your dollars spent on bids within 60-90 days… and again, this is all WITHOUT selling, recruiting, or promoting the business.

The first two companies to incorporate this business model are the two highly successful companies called ZeekRewards and Bidify. Now Global One has taken the already proven concept, applied all the upside potential, supercharged it and put it on steroids, and have simplified it even further in that you do not have to post ads daily or bid on products.

Global One – Enter The Ultimate Power Profits Pre-Launch

The founder of Global One, Scotty Evans, introduced the Global One Pre-Launch system called Ultimate Power Profits in July of 2012. In a matter of days, the Ultimate Power Profits website beat out BILLIONS of other websites to become one of the most highly trafficked websites on the planet, according to

Right about now you are probably asking “How do I join Ultimate Power Profits as a founder?” Well, by the time you find this it may be too late… and that’s ok. The system is so powerful enough on it’s own that being a member on any level can be highly lucrative.

>>Join Global One<<

It’s really easy to see why so many people are jumping on board every single day as a Founding Member. Founding Members will be able to get paid up to 26 times every month… AGAIN, WITHOUT having to sell, recruit or promote the business.

Combine all this with the desire to create LONG-TERM, passive income, and you have a winning combination for success. According to the Ultimate Power Profits website, it says… and I quote “100% of all the active members will earn money every 6 days or less”!

So let’s discuss how we get paid 😉

Global One – Compensation Plan

TheGlobal One Compensation Plan is made up of 3 distinct areas. The best part is that you do not have to do 3 different things, or join 3 different systems to capitalize. It’s all seamlessly integrated and works as ONE lucrative comp plan. If you do build a team, which you don’t have to do if you don’t want to, the profits that could be earned can literally transform lives.

Here’s my experience with how these penny action opportunities have been in the past: people sign up and say that they never want to recruit anyone into the business. Then after the 1st or 2nd month, they’re BLOWN AWAY by the amount of money they’ve made. The get so excited they go out and tell some people. Then those people join and the income of the original person… remember the one who said that they’d never recruit anyone… goes through the roof!! And since everyone essentially is making money on some level, nobody quits. Trust me, this is quite a refreshing scenario in a world of tricky online programs with all kinds of hidden upsells, obstacles, and challenges that frustrate and confuse people into oblivion.

Go Global Compensation Plan Area 1– Enter Spinfinity 

Spinfinity, very simply, offers every active affiliate the chance to earn income without promoting the business in any way. There’s no recruiting required to participate in Spinfinity which means you get paid whether anyone joins your business, participates in the auctions or becomes a customer. Now if you were to recruit people into the business, you could obviously earn a lot more money.

Here’s howSpinfinity works in a nutshell: every member in the system get’s placed in a single straight line tracked by the exact date and time they join (this is why you don’t want to wait to join ;)). This straight line is then split into 3 zones. The top 2 zones are “payout zones”, and the bottom zone is a non-payout zone. Once every 3 days, the zones rotate, where the bottom group moves up to the middle, the middle moves up to the top, and the top moves down to the bottom. A dollar amount is given to each position within the straight line where the highest payout gets assigned to the top position, and the lowest payout goes to the last position in the middle zone (remember that’s also a payout zone).

So you will earn a commission payout every 3 days, unless you’re in the bottom zone. This is how the Spinfinity program promises to pay every active member every 6 days.

“How much can I really earn like this?”

That depends on where your position is after each 3 day cycle. It’s possible that someone who gets started at the lowest position ($10 monthly membership) could end up on the top of the straight line for that particular cycle, and earn $1000 that day alone…

If you aren’t excited yet, check your pulse. You can also earn a 20% Matching Bonus on all your team members up to 5 levels deep. In other words, you not only earn for your position every 6 days, but you can earn a 20% Matching Bonus on the money your team members earn every 6 days when they’re in the payout zone.

So if one of your team members earned $2000, you’d get a 20% Match Bonus of $400. So if you had 10 team members who did this, you’d earn $400 x 10 = $4000…. then times that by 6 payouts per month and you’d earn $24,000 a month coming to you passively in this hypothetical example. If you play with the numbers yourself you’ll begin to see how powerful this can truly be. But wait… it gets better!!!

>>Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The Spinfinity Compensation Plan<<

Compensation Area 2 – Go Global Profit Pool

Fifty percent of all company profits go into a Go Global Profit Pool which will be shared with all the active affiliates every 3 days. They’ll automatically earn a share of these company profits depending on their participation level. Again, to earn in the profit pool, you do not need to recruit a single person into the business… but if you do, you can exponentially increase your earnings by getting bigger shares in the profit pool.

This is how it works: you accumulate “bid points” by giving away bid token to potential customers who can then use the bids to try and win an auction on their penny action platform. For every bid token you give away, you earn one point. If a customer buys bids from your site, you’ll earn 5 points per bid. To further simplify the process, you can work even less by allowing the company to give the tokens away for you with their “marketing machine” (this will cost you 5 tokens to do so).

So ever 3 days, you earn commissions based on the amount of bids you’ve given away (each bid equals 1 point which is the equivalent of $1). Similar to the Spinfinity, you’ll also earn a 20% Matching Bonus up to 5 levels deep!

>>Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The Go Global Profits Pool<<

Compensation Area 3 – GoToInfinity 

Ok, Ok…. I know your head is spinning right now, but the GoToInfinity is pretty easy to comprehend. Basically, it’s a 3×10 Forced Matrix that won’t require you to recruit anybody into the business. Because of this concept, the people above you who are building teams of their own will have no choice but to have someone join under you at some point. Again, commissions are paid out every 3 days and you can earn a 20% Matching Bonus up to 5 levels deep here as well. So if you break it down, you stand to earn money 81 times a month without recruiting anybody!

>>Watch A Webinar Replay That Explains The GoToInfinity Payouts<<

“I’ve Seen Enough… I Want In!!”

It’s important to understand that Star Leaders will receive additional legs in the 3X10 Forced Matrix.

There are 5 levels of Star Leaders:

  • 1 Star Leader = 10 people at the Platinum level
  • 2 Star Leader = 20 people at the Platinum level
  • 3 Star Leader = 30 people at the Platinum level
  • 4 Star Leader = 40 people at the Platinum level
  • 5 Star Leader = 59 people at the Platinum level

(Don’t worry if you don’t know what the Platinum level as I will explain in later…)

Let’s Recap…

There’s 3 different areas within the Global One Comp Plan. You can earn in all of them with or with out a team. This keeps everything easy to understand while you position yourself to earn a huge income.

One more thing…

Over and above the 3 different areas, you also earn a monthly residual income for each member on your team from $0.20 to $2.00 per person dependent of their participation level. It may seem insignificant now but trust me, it could add up over time. I know people in other programs with 25,000+ members on their teams that they’re all earning an average of $1.50 on. That’s an EXTRA $37,500 per month. Now keep in mind, those people got in early to the other programs… and that’s where the fortunes are made.

Get In Now

It’s also important to mention that the company has deemed these dates as commission payout dates (you’ll notice that there’s a payout every 3 days) – the 1st, 4th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th and 28th of every month.

The commission payouts will be issued in two ways:

  1. 50% as cash commissions paid to your ’170-county available’ eWallet (like PayPal).
  2. 50% as Bid Tokens which can be redeemed at the penny auction site.

The Four Participation Levels In The Program

TIN MEMBERS – $10 Monthly

  • The ‘lowest’ level you can participate in (still be able to participate in all 3 compensation areas)

COPPER MEMBERS – $25 Monthly Membership

  • You get 25 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You get paid Spinfinity commissions for passive income
  • You earn 25% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You receive 10 profit-sharing points for every bid token used on your site

SILVER MEMBERS – $50 Monthly Membership

  • You get all Copper Benefits
  • You get 60 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 50% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on commissions earned by your personally sponsored, level 1 reps

GOLD MEMBERS – $75 Monthly Membership

  • You get all Silver Benefits
  • You get 120 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 75% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on all of your personally sponsored, level 1 & level 2 reps
  • Note: If you sponsor 5 people and they each sponsor 5 people, you would receive a 25% Matching Bonus on all 25 people’s commissions every 3 days! (5X5 = 25 people)

PLATINUM MEMBERS – $100 Monthly Membership

  • You get all Gold Member benefits
  • You get 180 bid tokens to redeem on the Penny Auction site
  • You earn 100% of your “My Turn On Top” commissions
  • You get a 25% Matching Bonus on all of your personally sponsored level 1, level 2 & level 3 reps
  • Note: If you sponsor 5 people, and they each sponsor 5 people who sponsor 5 people, you would receive a 25% Matching Bonus on all 150 people’s commissions every 3 days! (5X5X5 = 150 people)… That’s pretty staggering!
  • For Example: If all you were getting was a $10 Matching Bonus on 150 people, every 3 days, that would generate $15,000 per month in passive income… from this part of the compensation plan alone!
“All I Can Say Is WOW!”

There are other rewards on the table if you go out and become a leader in the company. All you really need to know at this point is that the more money you earn, and the better you do with the company, the more income opportunities you’ll have with Global One.
So What’s The Bottom Line?
There are thousands of members of similar penny auction opportunities like ZeekRewards and Bidify making money already. If you’re scratching your head and saying “I don’t get it” then I know EXACLY how you feel. 2 years ago a friend of mine… who I greatly respect and admire told me about one of these opportunities. I straight out told him I thought he was nuts and passed on the opportunity. Last month he updated me on his progress. He is now cashing out OVER $60K per month… OUCH! Can you say “party foul”, LOL!
Why am I telling you this… simple, that same friend of mine that I turned down 2 years ago is the same one who told me about Global One… and I ain’t missing out on this one. I missed the first wave based on a lack of education and belief. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! Success leaves clues and fortune favors the bold! Click the image below to get your spot and start earning… DAILY!
Maximum Success,
Garry Regier

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