Celebrating Home Review – Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

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There’s a high likelihood that if you’ve found this Celebrating Home Review, you are researching to see if there is an Celebrating Home scam. Before  you make a business decision to join Celebrating Home, make sure you read this entire review so you can make a calculated decision on if it is the right opportunity for you.

Let me first say that I am no way affiliated with this company, so you can be secure that this review will be 100% non-biased and I will in no way try to sway you into joining or not joining. I will only present the facts so you can be confident in your decision, whatever it may be. This review will cover the company, the products and the opportunity.

Celebrating Home – The Company

Celebrating Home is a well established direct sales/network marketing company that offers home decor products. Mary Crowley founded the company in 1957, under the name Home Interiors & Gifts (a direct selling company) which grew to have over 100,000 active independent distributors. Then in 1996, another direct selling company called Home & Garden Party was founded by Penny and Steve Charlie. In 2008 the Charlies acquired Home Interiors & Gifts, and merged the 2 companies into one company called Celebrating Home. Today, the company has its offices in Texas with over 50,000 distributors in America.

Celebrating Home has a ton of third party support, having been featured on Good Morning America, Living Magazine and Family Circle Magazine, just to name a few. Also, they are a proud member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA), who enforces a strict code of ethics and who’s mission is “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.” Considering all this and the company’s long and steady track record, it looks to be a reputable company you can feel confident doing business with.

Celebrating Home – The Products

All of the products Celebrating Home offers are related to home décor and design which include such items as:

  • Scents & Fragrances
  • Home Accents
  • Dining & Entertainment
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Gourmet Foods
  • Wall Decor
  • Patio & Garden

All of their products are promoted and distributed via in-home parties, catalog parties, fundraisers, and online websites the company provides it’s distributors.

Celebrating Home – The Opportunity

Distributors have the opportunity to join Celebrating Home to become what’s called a ‘Celebrating Home Designer’. To start, you’ll need to enroll with one of their Designer Kits. There are 4 to choose from, all at an $149 price point, not including tax or shipping.

The Celebrating Home compensation plan allows you to earn between 30-45% commissions of products you personally sell. On top of that, you may also earn cash bonuses, free products, car bonuses, and the opportunity to win free vacations. You also have the ability to create a long term passive income stream by building a team of independent sales representatives. The comp plan looks to be fair and balanced, and could prove to be quite lucrative for those who are willing to work the numbers.

Join Celebrating Home?

From my research, I can tell you with 100% certainty, that it is definitely not a scam. They have respectable corporate leadership, high quality products, and a generous comp plan. However, having all that in place does not guarantee success. When all is said and done, your Celebrating Home success will come down to three things: your ability to market products, sponsor new distributors and properly duplicate your efforts. My recommendation is to utilize a fully customizable online Attraction Marketing System so you can market your business online, and have an endless swarm of people to talk to about your business. Once you leverage a proven online marketing system combined with proven offline tactics, you will be light years ahead of your competition, and be poised for explosive growth with your Celebrating Home business.

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To OUR Massive Success,

Garry Regier

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