Building Your MLM Presenting Skills: Conquer Fear & Build Confidence

I have literally sat through thousands of MLM Presentations and heard the presenter say something like this to the guests in the room: “Look at the person who brought you here, can you do what they’re doing?” which implies to new people all you ever have to do is bring guests. Well, while that’s true at least at first, if you want to make the big bucks in mlm you better know this: the people presenting are USUALLY the people making the most money. This post will cover some useful tips to help your presenting skills improve.

I already know there are some of you reading this right now who are getting terrified already. The thought of presenting makes your knees shake and your hands sweat. It’s okay. Everyone at some point has had some kind of public speaking fear. It’s common… and it’s not a bad thing. Feelings of nervousness and anxiety are completely normal.

This is gut check time… The question I pose to you is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Do you really want the freedom and leverage that comes from mlm success?? and are you willing to grow as a person to get it? or is it all just a fleeting pipe dream?

Only you can answer these questions. It’s true that on a rare occasion or two, someone has gotten lucky and sponsored a whale onto their team and as a result, never had to present. But I emphasize that it was LUCK! Well, if you don’t want to rely on luck to profit big in mlm then you had better get over yourself and begin presenting!

What Is The Key To A Successful MLM Presentation?

The most important factor to a successful MLM Business Opportunity presentation is actually not what you think. It’s not about getting all the facts right. It’s not about answering every question. It’s not about eye contact, or timing or jokes… The key to successful MLM presenting is YOU! You see, no matter how bad you are at presenting, you’ll have someone identify with you. To have more people identify with you, keep it simple and duplicable… and most importantly, BE YOURSELF! The more you are able to transfer belief to the audience that THEY CAN do what you’re doing, the higher your closing rate will be.

So don’t worry about being a stud presenter. Don’t worry about making mistakes! Feel free to read off the screen or note cards because MLM is all about getting others to believe they can do it too. The more you try to become a master presenter, the less people will be able to connect with you and feel they could never become one also.

Handling Objections/Questions

Undoubtedly, at some point you’ll encounter some questions or objections regarding your product or service. Here’s some examples based on company specifics…

Weight Loss

Can’t I find the exact same products Walmart for 1/3 the cost?

Energy Deregulation

How can a smaller company offer any real savings to the customer?

Health Supplements

How are your fish oils/vitamins any different than my brand?

Coin / Precious Metals Companies

Why do these coins cost 3x the going rate of silver?

All of these questions have come up at some point. The way to handle them is to say it in the presentation before someone else does. Here’s what I mean:

“When I first looked into this company I thought “how is a smaller company going to be able to compete in the energy market??” So I asked the presenter and he said that not only are the rates competitive, but in many cases we are able to offer a substantial savings. Then when I did my own research into the rates, I found out that the monopolies have been over charging their customers on a regular basis. I am more sure right now more than ever that we are the best option for consumers.”

Do you see what I did there? I brought up a common concern, while people are thinking it, then used the old “feel, felt, found” method to squash the objection before it could take shape. This one presenting skill alone is worth millions and if you only got good at crushing objections inside your presentation you’d be a ridiculously awesome presenter.

Sometimes Less Is More

Sometimes knowing too much can actually be detrimental. In fact, if you point out in your presentation that you don’t know everything, and your audience doesn’t have to know everything either, your audience will begin to realize they don’t have to become experts. This will reduce resistance and boost confidence.

Start Small And Build Confidence

Hey, I already know that public speaking is the number one fear. In fact, people are more scared of public speaking than death. That means that people would rather die than speak in front of people. It’s ludicrous! I urge you, commit to building this skill set. It will benefit you exponentially in your MLM business. So commit to the process. The easiest way to kill fear is to begin doing that what you are scared of, in this case presenting. Start small in home meetings or giving 30 second testimonials at your biz opp meetings. Also, keep in mind that webinars are a great way of presenting. Webinars will allow you to be a voice with out worry of looking bad in front of a room of people.

I hope this helps you get over the fear of being in front of a bunch of people!

Maximum Success,

Garry Regier

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