The height of a person’s experience will be determined by the depths of their convictions and the drive of their passions! ACTION OVERCOMES AND ACHIEVES! ACTION BREEDS CONFIDENCE & COURAGE… SO GET BUSY, RIGHT NOW!!!

Garry Regier got involved in the network marketing industry in late 2000. He quickly became a force in his company and rose to the 2nd highest position in under 2.5 years. Unfortunately, it came at a cost. Garry soon faced serious personal challenges and had to bow out of the industry due to some personal hardships.

In 2008 he was recruited to help begin building a start-up company. He quickly went out and sponsored 17 people to this business. Within a year Garry began to see that that company wasn’t going to survive, so he took early leave. Garry now found a home as a founding distributor for an international network marketing company. To hear more about Garry and his story, fill out the contact form and he will be glad to get back to you!

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