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Thinking about joining Gano Excel? Don’t even think of doing so until you read this Gano Excel review!!

As a accomplished Network Marketer I am constantly on the lookout for companies that offer common sense products that are relatively simplistic to market.  Gano Excel happens to be just such a company.  Over the last several years there has been a great deal of excitement and interest around this company.  So here is the deal, if you’re looking for a honest and straight forward review and look into Gano Excel, you need to READ THIS REVIEW!

First off, the company was formed by 3 people: Mr. Leow Soon Seng (international president), Lew Soon Kiak (CEO), and Ooi Kheng Seng (president over Malaysian division of Gano Excel).  The company headquarters is located in a million square foot facility in Malaysia where they maintain control of every element of product development.  They are completely vertically integrated, meaning that they own and operate everything in the making and distribution of the Gano Excel products from start to finish.

Gano Excel has a more than respectable status with the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), they are a member of the Direct Selling Association and strictly follow the DSA Code of Ethics.  These aspects dramatically increase the legitimacy, stability and trustworthiness of Gano Excel.

Gano Excel’s true product is a potent extract known as Ganoderma lucidum.  Their method of delivering this ingredient to the general public is via coffees, teas, and other commonly consumed products.  It is really quite a genius strategy: most people forget to take their pills/vitamins but no one, under most circumstances, ever forget to drink their coffee.  This makes for an easy and common sense way to promote a product that people love and never forget to take. That is why they keep such a high retention rate among their reps and have a amazingly low drop out rate.

Some history on Ganoderma lucidum:

Ganoderma lucidum has been  widely used as a therapeutic botanical in parts of Asia for roughly 2000 years.  Recent studies done by various hospitals and universities further support its medicinal properties as a curing botanical.  It is a ultra powerful medicinal mushroom and isn’t limited to one aspect of promoting healing and wellness, rather it acts on the full body on a cellular level.  Some of it’s documented benefits include but are not limited to: immune system booster, cancer treatment, anti-viral, and action as an adaptogen.  If you do a search on www.Pubmed.gov you will find over 600 studies supporting the claimed health benefits of Ganoderma lucidum.

A key component in Gano Excel’s supremacy over other “wannabee” companies is that Gano Excel delivers 82% of the world’s Ganoderma lucidum production.  They declare to have the best extraction process and the most powerful Ganoderma lucidum available on the market.  I have consumed their products and tried other Ganoderma lucidum company’s products and I can honestly tell you that I notice a difference on Gano Excel’s products. I believe they are being genuinely honest when they make those claims.

The company is 16 years old but is still regarded as a ground floor opportunity in the western hemisphere, which is a significant factor for those who like to “get in early”.  Actually, you have the best of both worlds with Gano Excel.  They have a proven track record and success in over sixty eight countries, yet Gano Excel is still in its beginning stages in the west where 75% of the world’s coffee drinkers are located.  Consider also they have grown to be a six hundred million dollar company almost totally outside of North and South America’s dense population of coffee drinkers.

The Gano Excel pay plan is the ever so popular binary system that pays up to 18% on the weaker leg.  One of the good things about the binary comp plan is that you get paid to infinity normally.  And yes, Gano Excel pays to infinity.  Another thing I like about the binary compensation plan is you only have to build 2 legs.  It can really be quite lucrative IF you build evenly.

In addition to the binary payout Gano Excel distributors can make cash through retail commissions, fast start bonuses, check matching bonuses and a 4% retail sales pool.

In Summary, its simple to see that Gano Excel is a legitimate and stable company that will develop a lot of wealthy distributors.   Gano Excel is absolutely NOT a scam!  Gano Excel supplies a solid opportunity, a skilled corporate leadership team, exceptional customer service, and easy to market products that are really great tasting and of the highest quality.  Their pay plan is very straight forward and it can be free to join Gano Excel; you’re willing to get some product at wholesale then you’re in without any of those unwarranted “distributor fees”.   A word of guidance however: just getting in Gano Excel DOES NOT in any way guarantee success.  Gano Excel only supplies a platform and a vehicle for you to build an organization.  They offer some of the most effective tools I have witnessed but your success will ultimately depend on your ability to duplicate your efforts.  You still need to sponsor and teach your team members, market products, and generate commissions.  If you do, you have a good chance at succeeding with Gano Excel.

To greatly improve your ability to achieve success with Gano Excel, you will drastically decrease the time it takes to have success by employing a marketing system that can help you generate 10-20 leads a day for your Gano Excel business.  Without potential prospects to talk to, your Gano Excel business will become stagnant.

Some Gano Excel trailblazers have excellent internet systems in place.

The systems can be used with both warm and cold market and they will train you how to market online, which is crucial if you want to excel in Gano Excel 😉 or any network marketing company for that matter.

Garry Regier authored this Gano Excel review to assist those who are looking into Gano Excel as a business opportunity.  As with any Network Marketing company its regrettable that most distributors will never reach the level of success they want due to the fact they do not learn how to effectively market and promote their company.  If you are considering learning how to generate an unlimited amount of leads for your Gano Excel business, visit Garry’s Attraction Marketing System

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