7 Secrets to Succeed in MLM: a No-Holds-Barred Reality Check

by Garry Regier on October 25, 2011

Here’s a scary statistic your upline won’t tell you: in 9-12 months, 70 of the people in your organization will quit or leave for another opportunity! Either they get frustrated and quit, or they found some new opportunity to join. So how do you stand a chance if people are dropping like flies? Simple. Follow these 7 secrets… unless you want to become another mlm statistic.

Secret 1: Draw a line in the sand

The only real way to fail in mlm is to quit. Unfortunately, since it’s so easy to get started in mlm, it’s even easier to quit. At the first sign of trouble, most throw their hands up in frustration and throw in the towel. Let me tell you this: there’s no way you will succeed at anything in life if you run at the first sign of trouble. Take a stand now. Draw a line in the sand and commit to giving your business an unconditional 3-5 commitment. Decide right now that you are going to stay in the game, no matter what.

Secret 2: Start living above the line

One of the biggest challenges people face is the employee mentality. Most of us have been conditioned our whole lives to go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Well, that worked well in the recent past, but how’s job security working out for people these days? Companies are finding new ways every day to cut back on expenses. And if your job can be outsourced for pennies, you will have your ‘secure income’ yanked right out from under you.

To live above the line you must treat your business like a million dollar enterprise. This means you are accountable for your success (or lack there of). No blaming, no justifying, no shame, no excuses. Set daily goals, and go after them.

Secret 3: Focus on what matters most

What matters most in mlm? Communication. There are 3 revenue producing activities you must do on a daily basis if you truly wish to achieve mlm success.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Presenting
  3. Closing

To get good at all 3, get good at asking questions. Be interested, not interesting. The more people see that you care, the more they will want to hear what you have to say.

Secret 4: Harness the power of projection

What you project out to the world becomes your identity; it’s how the world will perceive you. Begin projecting to the world that you run a million dollar business. You’ll be amazed at your results.

Secret 5: Pick a winner and put your blinders on

There are new mlm companies showing up on the radar every day. If you bounce from mlm to mlm, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t let distractions like this steal your thunder. You’ll never generate a long term residual income if you are bouncing from deal to deal and if you do, you stand a chance of developing a bad reputation as an MLM jumper. No one wants to follow someone who potentially could leave again in a month or 2.

Stay focused and committed to one company and when temptation comes (and trust me, it will), turn away with resolute conviction and determination to grow your business.

Secret 6: BUST YOUR ASS!

Do you really want to succeed in mlm? Really? Are you certain? If yes… How bad do you want it?

Oh yes, building your biz will take work… HARD WORK. Don’t believe anyone who says anything different. You are going to have to work consistently for a undetermined period of time to achieve the results you hope to achieve. Here are some considerations:

  1. How many people are you talking to daily?
  2. Are you attending all your company’s events?
  3. Are you tracking your results?
  • How many calls are you making?
  • How many exposures are you getting?
  • How regimented are you about following up?

At the end of every day, ask yourself: What did I produce today? If the answer is zero, you cannot get upset about not getting a commission check. If you can get all these questions up into the double digits, your commission checks will sky rocket.

Secret 7: Soak and apply

“To know is not enough, we must apply… Willing is not enough, we must do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your job: to be a sponge. Absorb all the information you can and then go practice it. Immediately put your knowledge into action… then teach it to your team. If you do, you will skyrocket to your company’s comp plan.


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